My unofficial life motto has become "aww, but it's a memory!"  The good... the crazy... the sweet, I love it all.  I cherish the photos of my little ones that  I can look back on and see their real smiles, their real personality, even the real sassiness.   My intention as a photographer is to capture sweet moments and a little bit of real life in each of my shoots.  I want our session to be relaxed and feel natural.  Of course we all want the somewhat-put-together pretty family photo and I will get that too, but the sweet little moments in between are the icing on the cake.  

"You've got a smile that can light up this whole town" - taylor swift


pricing and info

One-hour portrait sessions begin at $150.  

Prints and/or digital packages are purchased separately.

Additional charge applies for locations further than 35 miles from zip code 85383.   

Depending on the time of year, weekend dates often book up early.  

Whether you have a styled vision in mind for your shoot, or you just want to show up looking cute with your family in tow, it will be a fun time!  Contact the studio here to set up an appointment.


newborn sessions

Newborn sessions are generally done within the first two weeks of your sweet baby being born when possible.  

We can schedule based on your due date, but of course will adjust the appointment if baby comes early or late.

Before your newborn session, try to have baby fed and sleeping in just a diaper and a blanket so we don't have to wake them up if they are calm and cozy.  







a few session tips

OUTFITS:  I personally like it best when families and couples are coordinating without being too uniform.  I think it is great when kids have a little of their own personal style in their outfit.  Accessories photograph well, and pops of color are great!

HAPPY BABIES:  My main goal in life during a photo shoot is to keep your kids happy.  Happy parents during a photoshoot = happy kids during a photoshoot :)   

PROPS: Feel free to bring any props you would like to incorporate, however don't feel like it is necessary.  We will get great shots either way!